Immediately after installation, Photo does not contain.
First of all, Add three or more Photos.
Select the bottom of the screen tab "Photo".

Add Photo - Part1

Tap the "Add Photo" button.

Add Photo - Part2

Tap the pic of "No Photo".

Add Photo - Part3

Select one of the "Photo Library" or "Camera".
In this case, Select the "Photo Library".

Add Photo - Part4

From the Photo Library, select the photo you want to add.

Add Photo - Part5

Cut a square Photo. (To match the size of the calendar)
According to frame the area you want to view.

Add Photo - Part6

The Photo was selected.
Next, Tap "Filter" from the button below.
(If you want to display the calendar as it is not anything, please tap "Save" button upper right)

Add Photo - Part7

Tap the button on the Filter you want to apply.
Perform the adjustment of the filter with the slider.
Because undoable later, Try several times by setting the appropriate number.

Add Photo - Part8

In this example, I tried to apply the "Blur" and "Mono".
(If you start over, Tap the "Undo")
Next, Tap "Draw" button.

Add Photo - Part9

Eraser is selected by default. Adjust the size slider.
If you select a color, you can adjust the opacity and size.

Add Photo - Part10

It is a result that I turn off the part of the Filter.
If you want to save, Tap the top right "Save" on.

Add Photo - Part11

Similarly, I drew in the "Sepia" filter.
Use the drawing tools and various filters, Try in various ways.

Calendar - Portrait orientation

Additional Photos will be displayed in a slide show.

Calendar - Landscape orientation

Additional Photos will be displayed in a slide show.